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CPCS Red Card Courses

What Is a CPCS Red Card?

The red trained operator card is used to measure individuals skills in operating machinery until they’re measured against the national standard; SVQ or NVQ.

The CSCS Red card aim is to give employers and plant operators the confidence that they are meeting the UK health and safety regulations.

How Do I Get a CPCS Red Card?

You will firstly need to carry out any training necessary, whether you’re looking to control a Hiab lorry loader or supervise a crane lift our courses can help you to achieve your career goals.

Secondly you will need to pass the relevant CITB Health, Safety & environment test level 1. Click Here to purchase our online test.

Where Are You Located?

The location of the Red Card Courses will be held at the ATS Group training centre. Silchester Road, Tadley Hampshire RG26 3PY United Kingdom.

How Long Is a Red CPCS Card Valid?

The Red Card is temporary and valid for 2 years, in that time you must pass your level 2 plant NVQ. You will then be rewarded with a Blue CPCS competent operator card. 

Can You Get a Job With a CPCS Red Course?

The Red Card is a provisional stepping stone to achieve your CPCS NVQ in the machine of your choice. Click Here to view our CPCS NVQ courses.

Having machine operating qualifications is fundamental to the safety of your colleagues. Employers will be looking for this when employing machine operators. It give you more credibility against other candidates when applying for machine operating roles.

Can I Extend My Red CPCS Card?

The red CSCS Card lasts 2 years and is expected in that time that you complete your NVQ in your chosen machine operating course. Once achieved your NVQ you will then be able to apply for a Blue CPCS Card (Competent Operator Card).

If achieving your NVQ qualification has been delayed it is possible to extend your Red Card for 12 months. That is if you have evidence that you’re undergoing a qualification related to your chosen category. To renew your Red Card it costs £25 and can be completed by calling the CPCS helpline on 0844 815 7274.

Can I Still Work On Expired Red CPCS Card?

Cardholders of the Red cards are able to gain a one-year extension. Call the CPCS helpline 0844 815 7274.

How Do I Change My Red CPCS Card to Blue?

To apply for your CPCS Blue Card (competent operator card) you will need the following things:

  • Passed an NVQ in your chosen category
  • Have a valid Red Card (or card hasn’t expired in 12 months)
  • Have a valid CITB Health, Safety and Awareness test certificate (Click Here for online Test)

With these three requirements you’re ready to apply. We can apply for your CSCS Blue Card with our card booking service Click Here. 

Does a CPCS Trained Operator Card Cover CSCS?

You will need to achieve your Green Level 1 Health, Safety & Awareness CSCS Card test as well as your CPCS training.

Click Here to purchase our CSCS Online Test.