Do I have to go to college in order to get my NVQ?

No all NVQ’s are carried out on-site with the exception of the CSCS training which can be delivered at your house.

When will I be registered?

You will be registered on the programme the same day that you submit your Survey Monkey questionnaire

Some centres charge extra for registration - how much do you charge?

Absolutely nothing extra – you pay the price in the store which includes the registration

I live in Liverpool and my workers need a blue CSCS card can you help?

Yes – Although our main areas cover the Midlands and the South of England we will be happy to travel to the North providing there is a minimum of 5 people signed up. We are also happy to travel overseas (within the UK) however a surcharge will apply. We would advise a chat over the phone to get you the best deal

I am a CITB Levy paying employer are there any incentives?

Yes – we can currently claim £600 back per qualification for you providing it sits within the CITB remit. Please read our funding page for more information.

How long will the NVQ take?

All our NVQ’s are evidence based which means as soon as the evidence has been collected you can pass your NVQ.

Level 2 NVQ’s usually takes between 6-8 weeks, level NVQ’s 3/4 takes between 8-12 weeks and level 6 takes between 4-6 months. However there is nothing to stop you completing sooner than this.

You are quite a new company - how do I trust you?

The director of the company has had 12 years experience managing, training and assessing within colleges in the South of England, together with our assessors being trained and fully competent in their role. The Director want to give back to industry and provide a reputable outstanding service which meets the needs of construction workers, employers and the local community. You are in very safe hands.

How do I get in contact with you?

You can phone the numbers above Monday – Friday 7am – 10pm or Saturday from 9am – 5pm for free advice and guidance

Can I fail my NVQ

No – Every NVQ can be achieved by an experienced operative in their trade. Less experienced operatives will still achieve the NVQ but it may take them a little longer as more visits may be required to prove competence.

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