CSCS Mock Test 2020

Welcome to the CSCS Mock Test 2020, designed to help you to pass your health, safety and environment test in 2020 & go onto receive your CSCS Card.

In the CSCS test, questions are picked at random and areΒ multiple choice. In your real test you will have 45 minutes to complete the questions, most will require a single answer however there maybe some with multiple answers, so we have added a few into our CSCS mock test 2020 for authenticity.

The pass mark for the CSCS test is 45 out of 50, so you can base your performance on the mock test 2020 score. Good luck!

CSCS Mock Test 2020

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Congratulations on completing your CSCS mock test 2020. Whats Next?


Enrol to the UK’s ONLY CSCS Online Course

Multi Trades Training Ltd are the only company offering the 1 Day health and safety course in this format. You don’t need to attend training, you don’t need to take a day off work and better still it is only Β£119 (plus VAT).

You can then use the CSCS Mock Test 2020 to help prepare for your touch screen assessment.

How can I get a CSCS Card?

In order to get a CSCS card you need to have 2 elements in place. You need to pass the CSCS HSE environment test and you have to have a construction related qualification. This could be either an NVQ or the Level 1 Award in Health and Safety.

We offer the Level 1 Award in Health and Safety as an online course. The CSCS Mock Test will help you to prepare for the touch screen assessment.

How can I get my NVQ?

NVQs are delivered completely on-site and there is no need to attend training. However as the previous sentence suggests you need to be working on-site. Multi Trades Training Ltd offer a range of NVQs from Carpentry to Drylining and coming soon – NVQs in Plant. An NVQ combined with a CSCS HSE test will give you either a Blue, Gold or Black card depending on the level.

You will then need to take the CSCS Health and Safety Environment Test. You can use the CSCS Mock Test 2020 to help you prepare