What is a CSCS Card?

What is a CSCS Card?

How to Get One & Other FAQs

What is a CSCS Card?

Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS) is the leading skills certification scheme in the UK construction industry. If you want to work in construction you’re going to need a CSCS card as currently over 85% of sites now require individuals to have one. This percentage is increasing year on year.


What do CSCS Cards do?

The purpose is to ensure all individuals on the building site have the skills in safety and awareness. It also makes sure workers have completed the adequate training to work in their roles. For example they have certificates for an NVQ & Health, Safety & Awareness Level 1 Training.

what is a CSCS Card

How to Get a CSCS Card?

To apply you must first have the appropriate construction related qualifications and training, click here to view our CSCS Card Types to find out which card you should apply for. Most cards require you to complete an NVQ & the Health, Safety & Environment Level 1 Test.

What Qualifications Do I Need for a CSCS Card?

There are different card types that require certain qualifications (click here to see our CSCS Card Type page). Once you have obtained the necessary training, contact our team or visit our Card Booking Service page to order your Card.

How Old do You Need to be to Qualify For a CSCS Card?

To be eligible for a construction card you need to be at least 16 years of age.

The first step is to take your Green CSCS Labourer Card Health, Safety & Environment Awareness Level 1 training. From there you can go onto your Blue, Gold, Black and CPCS cards.

Can You Work On-Site Without a CSCS Card? Are They a Legal Requirement?

It is up to the principle contractor or client whether individuals are required to hold a card before they’re allowed on-site. Although there is no regulation that says a CSCS card is a must, they are becoming increasingly used by sites with 85% now requiring one.

What is a CSCS Card

Do I Need a CSCS Card to Visit a Building Site?

If you’re a regular visitor most sites require or recommend for you to pass the CSCS Green Card Health, Safety and Environment awareness training.

We offer the only online CSCS Health and Safety Level 1 test without a webcam Click Here to book yours now. You will also need to pass a Health, Safety & Awareness test at your local test centre, test your knowledge and take our mock test by Clicking Here.

The yellow card used to be issued to visiting individuals (who did not perform a construction related role, but visited site on a regular basis). this was discontinued in February 2020.

Can You Work On-Site Without a CSCS Card?

It is up to the principle contractor or client whether individuals are required to hold a card before they’re allowed on-site. Although there is no regulation that says a construction card is a must, they are becoming increasingly used by sites with 85% now requiring one.

How Much is a CSCS Card?

We offer a card booking service which is £65.99 (price includes VAT). If you choose this option we will apply for your card once you have completed your NVQ qualification and CSCS Health & Safety Level 1 test.

Can I Get a CSCS Card With a City & Guilds?

No, to be applicable for a CSCS Card you need either an NVQ or full apprenticeship.

We offer fast track, online NVQ qualifications as well as on-site apprenticeships (no college).

what is a CSCS Card

How to Get a CSCS Card Without an NVQ?

You do not need an NVQ to apply for a CSCS Labourer card. You do need to have passed the Health, Safety & Environment awareness test level 1 and have a QCF Level 1 qualification or equivalent in a health and safety construction environment.

To be applicable for the next card level; Blue CSCS you will need an NVQ Level 2 Diploma. However if you are experienced in your job and do not have these qualifications, you will need to register for the qualification and apply for an experienced worker card.

How to Check if my CSCS Card is Valid?

There are three ways to check whether your card is valid. First and easiest is to log into your CSCS account online. You can verify the card holder’s qualification, training and whether the card has expired or valid and when it will run out.

Secondly you can download the ‘Go Smart’ app. Each card has a chip which holds the identity, validity and whether the card is fake or expired. You can scan using a phone, tablet or PC. This is a handy tool for employers managing a building site to be able to check each individuals card on-site.

Thirdly, if you do not have access to these methods you can phone the CSCS helpline on 0344 944 4777 (8am-6pm Monday to Friday). They will be able to help you check the status of the card.

How to Get a CSCS Card Through the Job Centre?

If you’re unemployed and on universal credit, the Job Centre can help you with financial support and pay for your training.

MT Training are a Job Centre approved training provider, once you have requested funding you can purchase your online fast track NVQ training or CPCS Plant on-site course through our website.

It may also be worth asking your current construction company to pay on your behalf, as it is very common practice.

What Jobs Can You do With a CSCS Card?

There is a lots of different occupations that require a CSCS Card, from construction, craft and operative to technical, supervisory and management. Click Here to visit the CSCS webpage where you can search through the list of roles.

How Many Digits in a CSCS Number?

There is a unique 8-digit registration number that features on the front of the card. It’s issued by CITB to every individual that has passed the Health, Safety and Environment test.

You can use the CITB card checker to verify if it’s real. Click Here to do so.

What is a CSCS Card

Is a CSCS Card Valid in Ireland?

Regulations in the Republic of Ireland require construction workers who are working on any tasks that are listed in the Schedule 5 of the Regulations to be in possession of the relevant Card. View our Card Types page here.