Whats New with Multi Trades Training Ltd

Review of the past few months

The last few months has been incredibly busy for us at Multi Trades Training Ltd HQ. We have been involved in a Work Ready campaign through the CITB and working for Bucks College Group in order to get learners through their Level 1 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment. This was coupled with their HSE touch screen test and Green card application. The teaching team taught a total of 272 learners over 6 weeks. This is together with continuing our online CSCS Course.

New products and Courses

We have now developed a CSCS online course for colleges and other providers for learners with no previous on-site experience. This is ideal for e-learning and embedding employ-ability and work readiness.

The course again has been approved by NOCN and learners are able to use it from this point forward.


We have this morning submitted our Apprenticeship application to become an approved provider. This has ultimately been the goal of Multi Trades Training Ltd to offer high quality apprenticeships to the industry. I wont be giving too much away at this point; but essentially we will be working with other colleges and training providers to ensure Apprenticeships are delivered to an incredibly high standard. We will also be working with employers to help them with their digital accounts and tailoring the training to their needs. The great thing about us as a relatively small organisation is our ability to adapt and change to the needs of our employers.

Corona Virus

In terms of the on-going issues with the pandemic we are trying to keep things as ‘normal’ as possible. We are accepting video assessments as per usual for people who are still working and using this as a good time for learners to complete their NVQ questions. Our advantage is that we operate an E-Portfolio system from Quals Direct. This fantastic system allows learners to log in remotely and complete their NVQ questions together with uploading collected evidence.

With this lock-down in place it is the perfect time to start an NVQ as the questions can be completed before our site visit.

Click Here for level 2 qualifications

Click Here for level 3 qualifications

Click here for Site management qualifications

Click here for red to blue CPCS and NPORS upgrades


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