Our Cards

Green CSCS Card - Labourer

This is for labourers and general site operatives. In order to obtain the green card you need to sit the one-day Health and Safety Course and the CSCS test. We offer the course completely online with no need to take a day off work. Please note that you will need to sit a CSCS test in a centre near you.

Blue CSCS Card - Skilled Worker

This is for experienced workers with at least 1 year on-site working in your trade. The industry is changing in many ways and sites are now not letting workers on unless it states their exact trade on their card. This is the perfect option if you need the NVQ level 2 for your Blue card

Gold CSCS Card - Supervisor

This is for people needing to take the next step either in their trade or into supervision and management. We have a range of different qualifications to meet your needs.

Black CSCS Card - Site Manager

This is for site managers who are office based. Our NVQ level 6 degree level course will give you the assessments needed to achieve your black card